Support the Infrastructure for IfE’s Action Groups

Dear IfE Members, Partners and Friends,

Initiative for Equality (IfE) is all set to launch our Action Groups, providing coordination for global collaborations on critically important equality-related issues. We need your help to make it happen! Can you make a donation to support this exciting initiative?

Each Action Group will start out with a global teleconference, including presentations on the topic followed by an on-line discussion for members to begin developing strategies and actions. Nearly 400 people representing every continent have already signed up for the Action Groups, so a free service such as Skype won’t work – we need funds for a world-class teleconferencing system that is able to handle large meetings, and works well for participants with poor internet connections. We also need to support the annual costs of our website and mass email platforms in order to coordinate this project. As a grassroots network, we don’t receive corporate or government funding; we only take on projects that our network members support.

Please donate here to help make this happen!

The specific Action Group topics include these listed below. In addition, there will be general strategy discussions among IfE members on the most effective ways forward. You can read more about these groups here, and can sign up here.

  • Arts for Equality
  • Refugees & Migrants
  • Democratic Economies
  • Environment and Resources
  • Equitable Development
  • Participatory Politics
  • Ending Discrimination

Friends, the world appears to be in trouble these days. We are witnessing an upsurge in conflict, social breakdown, environmental degradation, climate change, economic crises, displaced persons – and a dangerous political backlash driven by fear. Each of these problems is made worse by the growing inequalities that block participatory solutions.

IfE’s global network, with members in over 130 countries, is one of the bright spots! We are coming together with serious intent: to share information, develop strategies, and plan for a more equitable future. We need your participation in one or more of the Action Groups, and we need your donation, large or small, to help us put together the needed communications infrastructure for a truly global community.

Please make a donation now so we can launch the Action Groups!

As soon as we have enough money to support the needed communications technology, we will begin opening the Action Groups one at a time. We look forward to your participation and support, however you can help. Together we can take urgently needed steps that will help to change the world!