Kolhat Barray Project Newsletter – September Edition

Welcome to our maiden edition of the Kolhat Barray Newsletter as part of the Inclusive Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Project which Youth Partnership for Peace and Development is Jointly delivering with Cordaid in Sierra Leone. Central to this newsletter and subsequent editions will be a roundup of updates and activities in the implementation of the project.

The current debate on the agency and relevance of young people, including men and women in Sierra Leone had opened a plethora of questions to not only those who implement the policies, but those who make them on one hand, and the very population that these policies do affect.

The project addresses key peacebuilding challenges having adverse implications for young people, especially young women, who bear the brunt of (often gendered) insecurity and injustice, and who remain largely excluded from effective access to community-based dispute resolution (CBDR), with conflict-generative results. The project on the other hand is formulated with a clear focus on enabling women, working intergenerationally and with men as allies, to collectively influence conflict prevention at local and national levels, contributing to a more inclusive and peaceful society as a measure of walking out of fragility. Read more on Kolhat Barray Newsletter – September Edition 2021