CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Consultancy to Develop Youth Leadership Curriculum

The Inclusive Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Project, also known as the “Kol-Hat Barray, responds directly to root causes of conflict in Sierra Leone identified in the conflict analysis, specifically: (1) the general systematic exclusion of rural and peri-urban youth; and (2) the specific exclusion of rural and peri-urban youth from opportunities to defend their rights and resolve conflicts through existing Community Based Dispute Resolution (CBDR) mechanisms, and to contribute to conflict prevention at the national level. The project builds on the premise of UNSCR 2250 that recognizes the positive role youth plays and their relevance in contributing to solutions for peace; and applies a people-centered, bottom-up approach that will be further adapted to the contexts of each of the three project districts.

Constituting a vast majority of Sierra Leone’s population, young women and men struggle to claim rights, address grievances, and resolve conflicts through the most widely used CBDR mechanisms at the local level, especially in rural and peri-urban areas. The continued exclusion of young women and men from CBDR has an adverse impact not only on security and justice outcomes for youth themselves but also on Sierra Leone’s prospects for stability.

YPPD and CORDAID are collaboratively implementing this project by way of engendering enabling environment for young women and men, working intergenerationally, to encourage active citizenship and collectively influence conflict prevention practices at local and national levels, contributing to a more inclusive and peaceful society for all Sierra Leoneans.

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